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Any virtual environment is only as robust as the hardware it is run on, so our ‘no single point of failure’ attitude applies when choosing and implementing the hardware layer.

Our approach to selecting manufacturers for our private cloud is as stringent as our recruitment process. We insist on:

  • The best specifications available at the time of purchase.
  • Equipment that is considered best-in-class by leading authorities.
  • Technical support that works.
  • All our hardware therefore comes from top tier suppliers and has the highest level of support available. It has built-in resilience and, where possible, we cluster multiple pieces together.

For more information on our data centres, please follow the links below.

Our upgrade path

You purchase virtual products, not physical ones and as we upgrade the application hosting platform, you automatically benefit from the latest technology. This means you never suffer from additional capEx while using secureVirtual.

Secondary data centre hardware

We believe that the secondary data centre is a critical element of a private cloud hosting platform and our commitment to performance, resilience and security extends to our secondary data centres. So in the exceptional case of data centre failure, you still have access to the same Enterprise-class technology.


We insist on exceptional levels of performance and resilience and our specialists work closely with suppliers to ensure a top class connectivity network.

The Internet

The SVi private cloud platform is supported by multiple Internet connections from the country’s leading providers, offering a huge amount of bandwidth. This enables us the flexibility to meet your organisation’s requirements and the resilience to ensure our 100% uptime guarantee.

Data centre connectivity

Our data centres are connected using 10Gbps fibre rings, which are connected to the UK’s internet backbone and allow high speed connectivity across the platform


As a registered Internet Service Provider we can issue our own IP addresses. This has two major benefits. If our clients need failover to another data centre, this can happen easily and quickly. Secondly, it provides reassurance that our connectivity is carrier-class.

Private cloud / customer own networks

All our clients are set up on their own networks, also known as private clouds. This provides a higher level of security and flexibility for organisations looking to manage servers across multiple data centres. We can also extend your internal network into ours so that you can bolt on our servers to your existing setup.

Data centres

The SVi private cloud hosting platform is hosted in industry-leading, carrier class data centres across the country, run by international suppliers, including Telecity and Lv13. All our data centres are on different power grids, run by independent providers.

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The Dyno group chooses secureVirtual

The Dyno Group is part of British Gas and is the industry leader. They have over one hundred franchisee businesses, employing over one thousand engineers and support personnel across the UK. Their CRM system runs the business.

Dyno Group

The Dyno Group is part of British Gas and is the industry leader. They have over one hundred franchisee businesses, employing over one thousand engineers and support personnel across the UK. Their CRM system runs the business.

Dyno use the Dynamics system to run their core business, from taking calls in the call centre to providing franchisees with job information. Dyno’s CRM system is a business critical application and demands 100% availability.

secureVirtual provide Dyno with a virtual hosting environment, industry leading uptime levels and consutlancy on demand to support their internal IT.

Dyno have grown the size of their system by 100% in the last 18 months and are using bespoke configurations to achieve their business goals. This includes making the environment suitable for the franchisee model and easy to roll out in other locations.

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Hosted Desktops save GoNative 40%

After engaging with secureVirtual to discover why their IT expenditure was so high and using our IT audit product, GoNative were able to make significant savings and simultaneously increase reliability and scalability.


GoNative are market leaders in the sourcing of luxury Serviced Apartments and temporary housing for the corporate market with a growing client base among independent business travellers managing their own accommodation needs.

After growing rapidly go GoNative fell into the typical trap of many fast growing SME’s and lost control of their IT. We call it ‘IT Stuck’. They were spending to much money and not getting enough results.

secureVirtual firstly undertook a full Audit to highlight all of the costs and potential savings. Then we introduced a brand new infrastructure hosted on SVi

Hosted Desktops and Application Hosting.