Why You Should Update Your iPhone Straight Away

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You receive the notification as you do every so often that the latest iOS software upgrade is available and you should perform an update. It’s likely you’ll be using your phone at the time and think ‘I’ll do it later’ tapping the ‘remind me later’ button. That evening your iPhone gives you it’s promised reminder that it’s time to update but you’re scrolling through Facebook and put if off once more, and so on and so on…

Here’s why you should change your ways and hit the update button as soon Apple asks you to!

Primarily this is a security risk. As with any software, there will always be flaws and loop holes in security. Over time, Apple will identify these and create solutions which they then release as updates in their latest iOS software update. The urgency is high because these loopholes are found and published on the dark web very quickly so any hacker will know what vulnerabilities exist in the previous version and so this means you’re more prone to an attack if you do not update right away.

Secondly you will ultimately achieve a better user experience. Updates often provide useful new features such as ‘night mode’ which you’ll want access to get the most from your device. Also, 3rd party apps will update their features in line with the iOS update, so without first updating your iPhone software you won’t be able to utilise many of these new benefits either.

So, check now! Go to ‘settings’, ‘general’, and finally ‘software update’ and check if your iPhone is up to date. If not, sacrifice checking your emails on the go for a while and update now! But remember to ensure you always have a current back-up of your phone either via iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with an update…

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