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Adam Bradley – Managing Director

Adam has a passion for building businesses through creating development opportunities and building strong client relationships. He is always keen to learn from his peers – customers and colleagues alike.

Before joining secureVirtual, Adam was a founding member of a Managed IT Services company which started from scratch with 3 guys in a small office in 2008. After growing this company for 5 years it was a leading provider in its field, employing 25+ staff with a turnover of £5M, at which point it was acquired and Adam moved to secureVirtual.

Why did you go into business?
Initially – to make money! However, I have since gained an understanding of how businesses are built and seen a number of different styles and approaches to this. I became less interested in the short term value of a monthly pay-cheque or salary, and far more interested in the bigger picture: to create a sustainable, meaningful business which values its customers and staff, and which is rewarding for all who engage with the business.

Who inspires you?
My children – I find myself constantly amazed by how they develop both physically and cognitively, and enjoy the challenge of helping them achieve. Much of my own inspiration is taken from people around me, both professionally and outside of the world of work. Seeing someone make a conscious decision to change something and, more importantly, then do something about it, is the most inspiring thing for me to see – regardless of the ultimate outcome of the change, so long as the energy and passion was there to try it.

Name a favourite book
I couldn’t name one easily, and in this digital age have become less of a book reader and particularly so since the children were born. However, I have recently discovered audio books and I am now finding the time to listen in the car or when travelling which is a very efficient use of time. Additionally I enjoy reading newspapers and/or articles specific to my world or my industry to keep up with current affairs and apply new thinking to work, and life.

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Adam lives with his family in Epsom and enjoys spending time with the children when not working. He has a desire to understand how things work so can also often be found fixing things or attempting to build home improvements at weekends!

Choice of coffee would be a Latte.


Will Peacock – Service Delivery Director

Will is a process driven techie and a qualified accountant, but is also keen to build strong personal relationships with customers and suppliers.

Before joining sV, Will studied Engineering at Newcastle University before becoming a qualified accountant working for Newby Crouch Chartered Accountants. Will changed careers from accounting to IT back in 2008 and has been with secureVirtual since then, working his way up to the Service Delivery Director. His accountancy background gives Will a unique insight in supporting our financial services customers as he is able to very effectively help organisations leverage IT relative to the business requirement.

Why did you go into IT?
I have always enjoyed dabbling in IT and decided in 2008 that I wanted to spend the rest of my career in the industry. My other passion has been for improving things – I find that in IT this is fundamental for making our and our customers’ life’s easier.

Who inspires you?
My family and friends – I regularly see examples of behaviour that inspires me which I enjoy as it makes me want to do more, and to do it better, whether that be at home or at work.

Name a favourite book
Getting things done with Work-Life Balance by David Allen. A very useful book that has helped me to work far more efficiently in the office, and also at home, without impacting my time with the family.

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Will lives with his family in London, and has a passion for the great outdoors. Will is always up for a challenge and takes any opportunity to throw himself out of, or off of something! Will’s other great passion is sailing and can often be found on the Solent, and occasionally in it…

Choice of coffee would be a Cappuccino.

An average of over 10 years IT experience per consultant and growing.

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The Dyno group chooses secureVirtual

The Dyno Group is part of British Gas and is the industry leader. They have over one hundred franchisee businesses, employing over one thousand engineers and support personnel across the UK. Their CRM system runs the business.

Dyno Group

The Dyno Group is part of British Gas and is the industry leader. They have over one hundred franchisee businesses, employing over one thousand engineers and support personnel across the UK. Their CRM system runs the business.

Dyno use the Dynamics system to run their core business, from taking calls in the call centre to providing franchisees with job information. Dyno’s CRM system is a business critical application and demands 100% availability.

secureVirtual provide Dyno with a virtual hosting environment, industry leading uptime levels and consutlancy on demand to support their internal IT.

Dyno have grown the size of their system by 100% in the last 18 months and are using bespoke configurations to achieve their business goals. This includes making the environment suitable for the franchisee model and easy to roll out in other locations.

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Hosted Desktops save GoNative 40%

After engaging with secureVirtual to discover why their IT expenditure was so high and using our IT audit product, GoNative were able to make significant savings and simultaneously increase reliability and scalability.


GoNative are market leaders in the sourcing of luxury Serviced Apartments and temporary housing for the corporate market with a growing client base among independent business travellers managing their own accommodation needs.

After growing rapidly go GoNative fell into the typical trap of many fast growing SME’s and lost control of their IT. We call it ‘IT Stuck’. They were spending to much money and not getting enough results.

secureVirtual firstly undertook a full Audit to highlight all of the costs and potential savings. Then we introduced a brand new infrastructure hosted on SVi

Hosted Desktops and Application Hosting.