What IT Setup is Most Suited for Fast Growth Start-ups?

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Every year the UK sees an abundance of fresh, creative and ambitious start-ups enter the UK market. In fact, at the time of writing Startup Britain’s Calculator is forecasting 487,208 start-ups have been created this year. secureVirtual even share an office space with one! But how can you ensure you can manage your start-up growth efficiently and securely in relation to your business’ I.T needs?

A managed service provider (MSP) can offer an attractive and scalable solution.

Why? MSPs deliver a huge spectrum of capabilities for your company, quickly, without the need to hire any technical staff as cash will be tight in the beginning. From traditional computing to helpdesk support and cloud services to disaster recovery, managed services ensure your IT systems run smoothly whilst also utilising the years of experience from industry professionals should any issues occur. What’s more, this type of service is ideal for growing businesses as the capacity of managed services can be increased and decreased according to your business’ needs, and is paid for on a monthly basis with little or no upfront CapEx.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of a managed service to your start-up business in a bit more detail – here are five quick wins:

  1. Save money – a benefit that any start-up will find hard to turn down! Reduce capital expenditure and remove ‘trial & error IT’. Whilst the tangible monthly costs still need to be covered, it is the intangible costs where you truly save. E.g. How much time would it take to research and implement a new application, such as a CRM or Finance Package? MSPs will have a wealth of knowledge already built up over the years and can be a trusted advisor saving you hours/days/weeks of your time – and time is money, right? Allow yourself time to work on your business, not in it.
  2. Security – compliance and business contingency – What would happen if all your business data were lost or corrupted? Most MSPs include data-management and managed back-ups (often to multiple locations) to ensure all your data is protected. With increasing cases of ransomware and other cyber-attacks, cyber security has never been more important and your MSP should provide vital provision in this area. Similarly, many industries are regulated and maintaining compliance with legal regulation is hard to keep up with – chose an MSP experienced in your industry and they should be able to take care of this for you.
  3. Consultancy & support on demand – having a team of experienced professionals to support your business can hugely improve your productivity through IT. Your MSP can provide a range of applications and software suited for your business’ needs. Your team can also easily submit and have their tech issues fixed, rather than having to waste time in either trying to solve problems themselves or bothering other members of your staff.
  4. Remote working – as discussed in our previous post on ‘Should I let my staff work remotely?’, remote working can have huge benefits to your organisation. Whether it’s increasing the productivity of your workforce or being able to extend your recruitment talent scope, remote working offers more flexibility for your company and staff.
  5. Cloud computing – cloud services can have many additional benefits, especially for start-ups that are planning to grow. If your company requires more capacity for instance by using remote servers you can immediately increase server space. Additionally, as your company grows so may your need for physical space, using the cloud means no server hardware on site so far easier to move office – you just need connectivity and WiFi as a minimum and you can still access your corporate and client data. What’s more, using hosted desktops with thin client devices will save energy, reduce heat in the office and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you wish to learn more about managed services and how they could help your business book a call today for a free consultation.

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