How To Choose Your Hosted Desktops Provider

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Ok, you’ve decided hosted desktops (otherwise known as remote desktops or virtual desktops) are the right solution for your business, either for the first time or you just simply want to switch supplier. Now you have the tricky decision of which provider to go with, so how do you make that decision? There are several areas you should consider before signing on the dotted line.


Does the supplier meet your business needs? For instance, can they support your user numbers? Do they operate 24/7 and cover overseas jurisdictions? Additionally, some providers will have an industry specialism aligned to your business sector, for example, at secureVirtual we work with a number of financial services companies offering 24/7 UK based support. The more aligned and knowledgeable a supplier is of your industry, the better they can truly understand your business needs rather than trying to be all things to all businesses.


How do you like to deal with your suppliers in particular relating to IT? Do you prefer a hands-off approach, and simply have the comfort of knowing they are there when you need them or do you want a proactive supplier suggesting new ideas and services, that could save your business time and money and help to push your organisation forward from an IT perspective, helping to meet your business goals? At secureVirtual we have regular face to face client reviews to ensure we’re doing just that. We know how important it is that your IT systems are running well at all times and are fit for purpose.


You should consider if the provider is going to be there for the long-haul with key members of staff likely to stay around delivering the service you expect, year after year. Always seek out case studies and ask to speak to at least 2 reference customers from your prospective supplier. You should also ponder whether the supplier is agile enough to adapt and change as your business grows and develops.


A vital aspect of moving to hosted desktops for the first time, or from one cloud based solution to another, is the migration from your current IT setup. You’ll want to know your chosen provider can offer a safe pair of hands and provide a well-planned and smooth transition with minimal-zero disruption your business operations. Again, references can really help with this, the most daunting part of changing any supplier. At secureVirtual we offer a hassle-free migration, using our years of experience and expertise to ensure your staff will barely notice the switch and are up to speed on the new system in no time at all.

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