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SVi platform

SVi Cloud Hosting Platform

SVi (secureVirtual infrastructure) is our state of the art private cloud hosting platform. Developed by industry heavyweight, Léon Crisp, and based on VMWare virtualisation technology, SVi is a virtual hosting platform designed to provide the highest levels of performance, resilience and security.

Created in 2005, the SVi application hosting platform continues to evolve – it undergoes continual hardware upgrade cycles and receives consistent investment from our dedicated network consultants.

We understand that uptime can be the deciding factor when choosing a cloud hosting platform, which is why SVi is designed to host mission-critical applications and is backed by our 100% availability guarantee.

No single point of failure

At the core of the SVi infrastructure is our commitment to the highest levels of resilience. Every element of the hosting platform is designed with this in mind. We use the best hardware available and where that is not sufficient, we cluster items together. The same philosophy applies to connectivity, informs our choice of suppliers and locations and underpins every design decision we make. We are paranoid about failures and this has resulted in a virtual hosting platform ideal for mission-critical applications.

Higher resilience using VMWare

Our level of resilience is enabled by VMWare, the leading virtualisation technology for Enterprise-class hosting, which gives us the ability to move servers around the physical platform without affecting the hosted applications. Virtual servers see resources from multiple physical devices as one large pool. This means when a physical server fails, a virtual server is automatically moved across to available resources within minutes. This is far superior to the traditional model of waiting for a physical server to be repaired before it would be available again. Another huge benefit of virtualisation is the scalability – we can increase processing power and memory on your virtual servers at the press of a button.

SVi Infrastructure diagram

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