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We believe that to be the best in the outsourced IT and application hosting field, we need to employ people who combine technical expertise with the empathy and personal approachability that makes clients want to work with us.

A great deal of time and effort therefore goes into our recruitment and selection processes with around 200 CVs considered for each vacancy .

But we also know that the best service is provided by people who believe in the company they work for and enjoy the environment they work in, so we invest in our staff, provide training and development opportunities, and offer a work environment in which employees are surrounded by the most talented technical brains in the industry.

The result is happy people who care about their work and take ownership of it, remaining loyal to the company for years. Clients benefit from stable, proactive and accessible expert consultants who know them by name, understand their businesses and want them to succeed. We don’t do call centres – our clients deal with the same small teams directly for years.

The mini team

True service needs true dedication and when you decide to work with secureVirtual you get assigned a “mini team” of four technical experts who know the SVi hosting platform backwards. At least one of these experts will be a senior consultant with over a decade’s experience – more often than not this is 15+ years.

This team works with you from day one, dealing with your internal team to design your new infrastructure, then provisioning and configuring the latest technology and finally, supporting your new hosting environment.

The result is that when you need help, you know the name of the person you need to call, have their direct line, and can trust that they really understand your setup. You get higher quality and faster problem solving that is completely in line with your business requirements.

If you are interested in joining secureVirtual, please visit our recruitment page.

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