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Consultancy on Demand

IT Consultancy on demand

It is impossible to predict when your IT function will test you so our IT consultancy on demand offers IT expertise only when you need it. Think of us as your long term or interim IT Director. The service is ideal for companies that need support on short notice in a technical area beyond their internal expertise. You buy consultancy credits in advance and then when you need help, just give us a call for immediate access to our pool of expertise.

IT consultancy on demand benefits:

  • Specialist expertise: access to UK IT consultants with experience in the full range of IT fields, from software and network architecture to database design and high traffic e-commerce systems.
  • Immediate response: emergency situations dealt with quickly and 24/7/365 option available.
  • Value: only use credits as you need them – from a 15 minute phone call to a week-long project.
  • Save: acts as full time / interim IT director - removes the need to recruit a full-time in-house IT expert.

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